He’s so loving, caring, sweet and thoughtful. Not to mention smart, artistic and creative!

He’s always paying me complements about everything I do, and I always respond with “why”. One day he got fed up of me saying why, and in his frustration he compared his dislike of the word why to a customer of his that never pays him. I didn’t realize how much he really hated it when I said why! So I promised him I would never say the word why again.

The next day I came home from a long day at work to find my bedroom door shut with a pink post-it note at eye level saying “want to know why I think you’re so cute? Go inside”. Inside he had taken an entire pad of my pink post-it notes and wrote a complement on every one of them proceeded by sticking them all over my room.  I found post-it notes all over my walls, all over my mirrors, in my laptop on my laptop, literally everywhere.

Now, every time he pays me a complement I say “it must be true! That’s what the post-it notes say!”

– Submitted by Celine Laflamme