Positive daily affirmations are simply self confidence boosting sayings you can use to kick start your self-esteem and improve your general self image.  These affirmations are for abundance, success and relationships and can all be added to your daily routine.  They can be used for ones self-esteem boosting and increasing the power of others.

positive-life-quoteHere’s some of my personal daily affirmations:

  • I have what I need, and more will come to me.
  • There is always abundance of good things in my life.
  • I can achieve success in all areas of my life.
  • I can help others succeed.
  • I am able to do things I am successful at, and enjoy them.
  • I know who I am and what I like in personal relationships.
  • I can attract positive and healthy people.
  • I am caring, smart, supportive, loyal, and fun.
  • I participate and bring good things to my relationships.
  • I am able to communicate and open up to my partner / family / friends.
  • I am able to positively influence my own life.
  • I am able to forgive myself when I make mistakes.
  • I am a worthy person.
  • I am able to take risks and live fear free.
  • I have love and compassion for myself.
  • I deserve good things / happiness / love.

Think about ways to prove your affirmations when you say them. Actively pursue the things you state are true, and they will increase their validity to your life. Find a way to make it easy for you to do positive daily affirmations. Make them when you are doing daily routine stuff, like showering or brushing your teeth; do them in the car driving to work and while waiting for an important meeting. You will be changing negative thought patterns and training your brain to be positive while lowering your stress level.

When you use positive daily affirmations, you will be amazed at how you fall into the good habit of reminding yourself that you are capable, intelligent and lovable. You will see the bad habit of coping with personal problems by hiding or avoiding disappear as you learn to believe in yourself. Simply start saying good things about yourself, and they will become reality.

Whether you decide to verbalize them aloud or concentrate on the words in your head, whether you have a daily affirmation calendar or a list you work through daily, you can make these nuggets of self-esteem magic become part of your daily life and empower you to be all you can be. Simply commit to loving yourself and you will see your self image improve and your attitude towards your life will undergo a transformation.

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