When it comes to healthy living many people just think salad and exercise, however living a healthy lifestyle takes a little more than this and with a bit more effort you will see the benefits and feel much better about yourself.

1) Balanced diet –
eating a salad every day isn’t as healthy as you may think – your body needs a variety of different vitamins and minerals, including fat, so you must understand what is in your food and make sure that you eat a varied amount of protein, fibre, carbohydrates and so on. If you are struggling to fit all the recommended supplements into your diet you could try taking vitamin tablets to ensure your body is getting what it needs. Vitamin tablets are also important if you don’t eat meat as your body will lack iron.

2) Exercise – as well as keeping you in shape exercise has other effects including a boost of morale. A short workout can have a huge boost on your morale and make you feel happier about yourself and life in general. This doesn’t mean spending hours every day on exercise, it means spending around half an hour doing light exercise and not working up much of a sweat.

3) Get enough sleep – getting enough sleep is important for your body, especially your brain as it needs time to rest. Sleeping allows you to get rid of any fatigue and regain energy which is lost through daily activity. Allowing enough time for your body to regain energy will make you feel much better in the morning – you will feel more awake and happier because your body doesn’t feel strained or fatigued.

4) Voluntary work –
why not help out in your local community or school? Helping out others will make you feel much better about yourself, and you can feel like you are giving something back to your community. Helping other people is a great way to boost your whilst knowing that you are helping others.

5) Get a new hobby –
do something that you enjoy such as attending painting classes or taking up a sport. By doing this you can enjoy yourself whilst meeting new people or joining a group – this is another great way to boost your  Interacting with others or taking up a team sport or activity also improves your communication skills whilst you are doing something that you enjoy.

6) Take short walks –
enjoy nature by taking walks when you can. If you manage a ten minute walk each day you will feel much better in yourself. Find nice places in your local area to walk, or find a place that you like and spend a little time there –read a book or watch nature. Being outdoors has a positive effect on your brain and will make you feel much more relaxed and composed.

7) Set aside time for yourself – this is important because in the modern day people seem to be too busy to take time out for themselves or their family. Take some time away from work to spend time with people that really matter – yourself and your family – do activities together such as going to the cinema with your partner or taking the children to the zoo. Never forget what is important in life and ensure your loved ones know that you have time for them.

8 ) Have faith in your ability – always believe in yourself and never feel that you can’t achieve something – you can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it and work on it. Believing in yourself is a powerful thing and will lead to you being more confident and much happier because you believe you can succeed in anything that you do.

9) Feel comfortable with yourself – learn to love your body; you are attractive in your own right and should feel comfortable being yourself. Don’t let others put you down. Many partners would prefer their partner to feel attractive and comfortable with themselves rather than worrying about what other people thought of them, so be yourself and be happy that you are who you are!

10) Enjoy life – last but by no means least is to have fun in life. Life is too short to constantly be worrying or be thinking about what could have been; live life to the max and have fun as much as you can. Enjoy what you do and spend time with the people you love and care about. Don’t dwell on what happened in the past, move on and look forward to what the future has to offer.

Living a healthy lifestyle takes a combination of the above and a little effort; however the effort you put in will be greatly rewarded. Living healthily doesn’t have to be taxing but it does take some effort, as do most things in life.

Since 2001, Pat Ness has happily helped over 560 brands with their business adventures online. He has a passion for inspiring and teaching people how to become a leader on the web and create a lifestyle they love. He currently founded an online school, www.BuildaBlogSchool.com, that teaches people how to build a blog and automate an income online.