Life is a rollercoaster full of highs, lows, ins and outs fun times and scary moments.

If there is one thing I have learned in my crazy 29 years is that life isn’t always perfect and as weird as it may seem, each moment in our lives whether good or bad serves as a lesson in making us a better person.

You need all the negatives to experience the positives.

Sad times will bring happy moments, break ups will bring forth new relationships.

Fake people will allow you to appreciate true friendships.

Hard times will allow you to understand the value of hard work and money.

Failure will enable you to push yourself and succeed.

Criticisms will force you to build confidence and perseverance.

No one’s life is perfect, we all experience obstacles we must over come, so remember whenever you feel those dark and lonely moments there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. 😀

Since 2001, Pat Ness has happily helped over 560 brands with their business adventures online. He has a passion for inspiring and teaching people how to become a leader on the web and create a lifestyle they love. He currently founded an online school,, that teaches people how to build a blog and automate an income online.